Medical Instruments
Ultrasonic NebulizersAlternating Pressure MattressPatient MonitorFetal MonitorUltrasonic InstrumentsSuction MachineECG MachineWheel ChairsNursing Bed SeriesWalker and Waking AidsComprehensive Nursing SeriesShadowless Operation LampOxygen Intake DeviceOperating TablePulse Oximeter
Ultrasonic nebulizer MST-YH006 Handy TypeUltrasonic Nebulizer MST-YH004 Economic TypeUltrasonic Nebulzer MST-YH003 Luxurious TypeUltrasonic nebulizer MST-YH002 Large Volume Fog Typeultrasonic nebulizer MST-YH001QDCseries Bedsore prevention/cure mattressQDC With Detachable Section For TidySplit Type Bedsore Prevention/Cure MattressUndulation Air-jetting Bedsore Prevention/Cure MattressAir-jetting Bdesore Prevention/Cure MattressUndulation Air-jetting Bedsore Prevention/Cure MattressPatient MonitorFetal MonitorFetal Monitor (Bedside Type)Fetal Monitor (Bedside Type)Fetal Heart Rate Doppler Detector(Pocket Type)Fetal DopplerMaternal/Fetal Monitor(Portable)High Performance Vet Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ9000CVPortable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ2600VPortable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ5000VPortable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ5100VPortable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ2600(Full Digital)Portable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ5000(Full Digital)Portable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ5100(Full Digital)Superb Digital Ultrasound Imaging System MST-XZ9000EDigital Single Channel ECGDigital Single Channel ECGDigital Single Channel ECGDigital Three Channels ECGDigital Three Channels ECGDigital Three Channels ECGDigital Twelve Channels ECGWheel chair HF6-01Wheel chair HF6-06Wheel chair HF6-20Wheel chair HF6-04Wheel chair HF6-041Wheel chair HF6-21Wheel chair HF6-12Wheel chair HF6-19Wheel chair HF6-22Wheel chair HF6-02Wheel chair HF6-18Wheel chair HF6-27Wheel chair HF6-03Wheel chair HF6-05Wheel chair HF6-09Wheel chair HF6-07Wheel chair HF6-08Wheel chair HF6-28Wheel chair HF6-16Wheel chair HF6-23Wheel chair HF6-23BWheel chair HF6-25Wheel chair HF6-26Wheel chair HF6-42Wheel chair HF6-31Wheel chair HF6-41Wheel chair HF6-45Wheel chair HF6-36Wheel chair HF6-32Wheel chair HF6-39Wheel chair HF6-38Wheel chair HF6-40Wheel chair HF6-71Wheel chair HF6-72Wheel chair HF6-11DWheel chair HF6-11CWheel chair HF6-11BWheel chair HF6-15Wheel chair HF6-15AWheel chair HF6-14Awalker Aid HF7-01walker Aid Aluminum Adjustable Folding Canes HF7-02walker Aid Aluminum Adjustable Folding Canes HF7-06walker Aid Aluminum Adjustable Folding Canes HF7-14walker Aid Aluminum Adjustable Folding Canes HF7-15Walker Aid Adjustable Aluminum T-shape Canes HF7-12Walker Aid Offset Handle Aluminum Cane HF7-17Walker Aid Standard Handle Aluminum Cane HF7-18Walker Aid Aluminum Adj Double Bending Canes HF7-19Walker Aid Aluminum Standard Crutches HF7-07Walker Aid Aluminum Seat Cane HF7-22Walker Aid HF7-05Walker Aid Aluminum Folding Blind Canes HF7-23Walker Aid Aluminum Canes HF7-03Walker Aid Aluminum Canes HF7-11Walker Aid Aluminum Canes HF7-20Walker Aid Aluminum Quad Cane HF7-04Walker Aid Aluminum Quad Cane HF7-08Walker Aid Aluminum Quad Cane HF7-13Shadowless operation lamp MST-ZS600IShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS600IIShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS700IShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS700IIShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS7060Shadowless operation lamp MST-ZS98IAShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS98IIAShadowless operation lamp MST-ZS98IIIAApertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS1205LApertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS12L/KS12PApertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS09L/KS09PApertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS07L/KS07PApertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS05L/MST-KS05P(Vertical Type)Apertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS05L/MST-KS05P(Suspensory)Apertured shadowless operation lamp MST-KS04L/MST-KS04PCold light operation lamp with single reflector MST-IDSI/MST-IDSIICold light operation lamp with single reflector MST-IDSIICold light operation lamp with single reflector MST-ZC2450Cold light operation lamp with single reflector MST-ID/MST-ID50Patient monitor SPR-9000Anterpartum Monitor ORON-628Sing-crank Manul Care BedDouble-crank Manul Care BedFour-crank Manul Care BedThree-crank Manul Care BedMaternal/Fetal monitor MST-KM5000BMulti-parameter monitor MST-KM8000CMulti-parameter monitor MST-KM8000BMulti-parameter monitor MST-KM8000ADigital Single Channel Electrocardiograph Series CM100Digital Single Channel Electrocardiograph SeriesDigital Twelve Channel ECGDigital Three Channel ECGDigital Single Channel ECGDigital Single Channel ECGFetal DopplorElectric Suction apparatusElectric Suction apparatusPortable phlegm suction unitSuction for childrenUniversal suctionAnti Decubitus MattressAnti Decubitus Mattress(bubble)Anti Decubitus Mattress(stripe)Air CushionAir CushionUndulation Air-jetting Bedsore PreventionAir-jetting Bdesore PreventionQDC With Detachable Section For TidyAnti Decubitus MattressAir-compressing nebulizerAir-compressing nebulizerUltrasonic NebulizersSingle Channel Digital ECG MachineSingle Channel Digital ECG Machine With Large Screen(with interpretative)Single Channel Digital ECG Machine With Large Screen(Without Interpretative)Three Channel Digital ECG Machine(Without interpretative)Three Channel Digital ECG Machine(With Interpretative)Three Channel Interpretive ECG Machine with Large ScreenThree Channel Interpretive ECG MachineSix Channel Interpretive ECG MachineTwelve Channel Interpretive ECG MachineSuperb Digital Ultrasound Imaging System MST-XZ9000DPortable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ9000COxygen intake deviceWall oxygen intake deviceOxygen bagEuropean oxygen intake deviceMulti-purpose operating table,Side-controlledElectric operating TableOrdinary operating tablePowerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL1193Powerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL1081Powerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL1082Powerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL2081Powerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL2083Powerfrugal Operation Light MST-FL3083Multi-purpose operating table,Side-controlledMulti-purpose operating table,Side-controlledElectric operating Table MST-S1380Electrical Operationg Table MST-S1380AMachine colligate Operationg Table MST-S1380FPulse Oximeter MST-6000B
X-RAY Instruments & Accessories
X-RAY IlluminatorX-ray Film CassettesIntensifying ScreenDark Room AccessoriesDeveloping Film HangerX-ray Film ProcessorMedical X-RAY MachineMedical X-RAY CameraX-RAY Protective AccessoriesX-ray Film Processing MachineSensitive X-ray Film
Working DeskX-Ray Film Vewer For MammograpyPD Combination Series X-ray Film ViewerPD Single, Double-Viewing Wall-Mounted TypePD Mobil Type Teaching-AdmindastratingAutomatic On-off typeLuxury II x-ray film illuminatorLuxury I x-ray film illuminatorSuper-thin LCD x-ray film illuminatorSuper-thin X-Ray Film ViewerX-Ray Film CassettesX-Ray Film CassettesINTENSIFYING SCREEN (500, GREEN)INTENSIFYING SCREEN (200/400, BLUE)INTENSIFYING SCREEN (100, BLUE)HDG-85 X-RAY DRYING CABINETAutomatic Constant Temperature Device For FilmContainer For Film Development(STRAINLESS STEEL)Container For Film Development (Plastic)Standing X-Ray Film Cassette ShelfDarkroom LightX-Ray Film Developing HangerX-ray Film Processor SX380-EX-ray Film Processor SX435-TX-ray Film Processor SX380-FSingle-side apronDouble side apron ADouble side apron BDouble side apron CVest-skirt apron AVest-skirt apron BHalf sleeve apron AFull sleeve apron AFree full sleeve apron ABreast Protector ApronDental Protector ApronChildren's Protector ApronProtective Lead Mitten (fingers linking type)Protective Lead Mitten (Intervening use)Protective Lead Mitten(Fingers separated type)Protective Lead SleeveProtective Lead Hand-coverProtective spectacle with side frameProtective spectacle(Ordinary)Protective spectacle with side frameProtective goggleProtective Lead HatProtective collar A modelProtective collar B modelProtective hat and collar linking typeProtective short apron A modelProtective short apron B modelProtective gonad slingPatient Protective Combination(4PCS)Patient Protective Combination(5PCS)Protective foot coverProtective Veil A model (Large)Protective Veil B model (Small)Protective Veil C modelProtective Veil D modelYZ-50B50mA Medical X-RAY MachineYZ-50C 50mA Type Movable Medical Diagnostic X-RAY Radiograph MachineX-Ray Film Processor MST-HS14X-Ray Film Processor MST-HS14AX-Ray Film Processor MST-HS17MST-KT100C 100mA Medical X-ray MachineModel MST-KT100C 100mA Medical X-ray CameraMST-KT150 150mA Medical X-ray MachineMST-KT200B 200mA 100KV/125KV Medical X-ray MachineMST-KT200B 200mA Medical X-ray CameraMST-KT300 300mA Medical X-ray CameraMST-KT200C 200mA Medical X-ray MachineMST-KT300C 300mA Medical X-ray MachineMST-KT20KW MST-KT30KW High Frequency Medical X-ray CameraAutomatic Film DrierAutomatic Constant Temperature Film Processing BarrelAutomatic high-speed film processing machinMedical Blue Sensitive X-ray FilmMedical Green Sensitive X-ray FilmMedical Mammography FilmMedical CT FilmX-ray Radiographic Cassette
Diagnostic Test Kits
Elisa Test KitsUrinalysis StripOther Rapid TestsTests of Drugs of AbuseTests of Tumor MarkersTests of Infectious DiseasesFertility Tests
Anti-HCV ELISA Testing KitsAnti-HIV ELISA Testing KitsAnti-Syphilis ELISA Testing KitsUrinalysis StripsUrine AnalyzerTroponin I testDrugs Abuse TestOccult Blood Feces StripCEA Serum StripAFP Serum StripPSA Serum StripH. pylori testOne Step Dengue IgG / IgM Antigen testOne-Step Strep A TestsOne Step Chlam (Chlamydia) TestsHCG Pregnancy TestLH Ovulation Test (Luteinizing Hormone)FSH Menopause Test(human Follicular Stimulating Hormone)TORCH IgM Rapid Screeting TestOne Step Gonorrhea TestHBV (One Step Hepatitis B Rapid Tests)One Step HCV(Hepatitis C) Rapid TestsThe HIV 1/2 testSyphilis (TP) TestTB Tuberculosis (recombinant) TestMalaria TestsHAV IgM AntibodyMycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody TestMulti-drug integrated CupMulti-Drug test panelDrug test DeviceOne Step Saliva Alcohol Screening TestRota Virus
Digital Healthcare Products
Digital SphygmomanometerDigital ThermometersInfrared Ear ThermometerScalesBlood Glucose Meter
SF880 Apoplexy Precautioned Blood Pressure MonitorSF822B Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With Jumbo DisplaySF822 Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorSF852 Microcomputer-based Wrist Blood Pressure Depressor & MonitorSF800A Microcomputer-based Auto Blood pressure MonitorSF822A Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorSF860 Microcomputer-based Vocal Blood Pressure Depressor&MonitorDigital Thermometer MST-HA01ADigital Thermometer MST-HA01BDigital Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA11ADigital Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA11BDigital Basal Thermometer MST-HA02Digital Basal Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA12Flexible Digital Thermometer MST-HA101AFlexible Digital Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA111ADigital Thermometer MST-HAK01AFlexible Digital Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA111BFlexible Digital Thermometer (Waterproof) MST-HA11DDigital Pacifier & Thermometer MST-HA201ADigital Pacifier & Thermometer MST-211AInfrared Ear Thermometer MST-HA100AInfrared Ear Thermometer MST-HA100BWrist Digital Sphygmomanometer MST-HA300WUpperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer MST-HA300AUpperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer MST-HA300BUpperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer MST-HA300CBlood Glucose Meter G-IBlood Glucose Meter SXT-1Infrared Ear Thermometer MST-HA100EInfrared Ear Thermometer MST-HA100D
Medical Disposable Products
Disposable SyringeDisposable Infusion SetDisposable TubingsDisposable Hypodermic NeedleDisposable GlovesExtracorporeal CircuitEnaesthesia UseBlood Collection TubeGynecology ProductsUrological ProductsSafety Condom
Disposable Insulin SyringeDisposable Tuberculin SyringeDisposable Syringe (Luerlock)Disposable Syringe (Luerslip)Syringe for veterinaryDisposable Infusion Set B type-3Disposable Infusion Set B type-2Disposable Infusion SetDisposable Infusion Set/A typeDisposable Infusion Set/C typeDisposable Infusion Set B type-1Disposable TubingDisposable TubingDisposable TubingDisposable Hypodermic NeedleDisposable asepsis Hypodermic NeedleClear Vinyl GlovesBlue Vinyl GlovesWhite/Yellow Greamy Vinyl GlovesNitrile GlovesLatex GlovesLatex Surgical Gloves,SterileLeft Heart Catheter(37101,37102)Double Lumen Left Heart Catheter(37201,37202)Right heart suction tube(33101,33102)Right heart suction tube(33201,33202)Pressure Monitor Extension Line(4501,4502,4503)Extra-Corporeal Circuit Tube(4101,4102,4103)Arterial Cannula(3412X,34211X,34221X)ESR tubeSST tube(Serum Seperate Tube)Serum tubeEDTA tubeHeparin tubeCitrate tubePlain tubeGlucose tubeCondomCondomCondomCondomUrine Bag 2000ml High-gradeUrine Bag 2000ml without outletUrine Bag 2000ml with screw outletUrine Bag 2000ml with push-pull outlet
Dental Products
Dental ChairsDental DisposableDental InstrumentsDental Materials
Dental Unit MST-TJA1Dental Unit MST-TJB2Dental Unit MST-TJC3Dental Unit MST-TJD4Dental Unit MST-TJE5Ultrasonic Scaler B5Ultrasonic Scaler B5-2Ultrasonic Scaler YiboUltrasonic Scaler UDS-JUltrasonic Scaler UDS-KUltrasonic Scaler UDS-Lultrasonic piezo scaler UDS-N1ultrasonic piezo scaler UDS-N2ultrasonic piezo scaler UDS-N3Ultrasonic Scaler H3Ultrasonic Scaler G3Ultrasonic Scaler N3Ultrasonic Scaler M3Ultrasonic Scaler F3Ultrasonic Scaler O3Disposable tipsAlloy tipsEndo tipslight curing unitlight curing unitlight curing unitYGM-11 AmalgamatorLED curing lightElectronic physical tester for top of rootAmalgamator UnitUltrasonic Scaler UDS-MControlled integral dental unit
Surgical Dressings
Cotton ProductsElastic BandageFirst Aid BagFirst Aid PlastersGauze ProductsOrthopaedic BandageWound Care PlasterSurgical TapesTransparent Island DressingTransparent Semi-permeable DressingSurgical FilmNon-woven Adhesive Wound Dressing
Transparent Island DressingTransparent Semi-permeable DressingSurgical FilmNon-woven Adhesive Wound Dressing
Laboratory Products
Centrifugation tubeColorimetric cupLab instrumentsMicroscopeNursing Plastic WareTest TubePipette TipsHematology AnalyzerUrine Analyzer
Biochemical Analyzer EMP-168ECentrifugation tubeTest tubesSemi-automatic Chemistry Analyzer MST-DR7000DSemi-automatic Chemistry Analyzer MST-DR7000EZoom biological microscopesZoom biological microscopesZoom biological microscopesStereo microscopesAutomatic hematology analyzer MST-3000BMST-100 Urine AnalyzerMST-50 Urine AnalyzerSeries biocogical microscopesSeries biocogical microscopesSeries biocogical microscopesUrine analyzer MST-51
Non-Woven Products
Disposable mouth protection & capSurgical Gown
Non-woven fabric series-Mouth protector & cap series
Medical Uniform
For nurse useFor doctor useFor patient useFor operation use
Nurse Uniform FH-001Nurse Uniform FH-004Nurse Uniform FH-006Nurse Uniform FH-008Nurse Uniform FH-010Nurse Uniform FH-011Operation Uniform FS-001Operation Uniform FS-002Operation Uniform FS-004Operation Uniform FS-005Operation Uniform FS-006Patient Uniform FB-004 FB-005 FB-006Doctor Uniform HY-006Doctor Uniform HY-001Doctor Uniform HY-003Nurse Uniform YLF-001Nurse Uniform YLF-002Nurse Uniform YLF-003Operation Uniform YLF-004Nurse Uniform YLF-005Nurse Uniform YLF-006Nurse Uniform YLF-007Nurse Uniform YLF-008Nurse Uniform YLF-009Nurse Uniform YLF-010Nurse Uniform YLF-011Nurse Uniform YLF-012Nurse Uniform YLF-013Doctor Uniform YLF-016Doctor Uniform YLF-017Doctor Uniform YLF-018Patient Uniform YLF-019Patient Uniform YLF-020Operation Uniform YLF-014Operation Uniform YLF-015
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