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Code: MST11445
Name: Ordinary operating table

Code: MST7979444
Name: Electric operating Table

Code: MST7979443
Name: Multi-purpose operating table,Side-controlled

Code: MST7878441
Name: European oxygen intake device

Code: MST7878440
Name: Oxygen bag

Code: MST7878439
Name: Wall oxygen intake device

Code: MST7878438
Name: Oxygen intake device

Code: MST3131437
Name: Portable Ultrasound Scanner MST-XZ9000C

Code: MST3131436
Name: Superb Digital Ultrasound Imaging System MST-XZ9000D

Code: MST3333435
Name: Twelve Channel Interpretive ECG Machine

Code: MST3333434
Name: Six Channel Interpretive ECG Machine

Code: MST3333433
Name: Three Channel Interpretive ECG Machine

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