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Medical Disposable Products

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Code: MST5050392
Name: Urine Bag 2000ml with push-pull outlet

Code: MST5050391
Name: Urine Bag 2000ml with screw outlet

Code: MST5050390
Name: Urine Bag 2000ml without outlet

Code: MST5050389
Name: Urine Bag 2000ml High-grade

Code: MST251298
Name: Condom

Code: MST251297
Name: Condom

Code: MST251296
Name: Condom

Code: MST251295
Name: Condom

Code: MST22195
Name: Glucose tube

Code: MST22194
Name: Plain tube

Code: MST22193
Name: Citrate tube

Code: MST22192
Name: Heparin tube

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