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Diagnostic Test Kits

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Code: MST416364
Name: HBV (One Step Hepatitis B Rapid Tests)

Code: MST416363
Name: One Step Gonorrhea Test

Code: MST417362
Name: TORCH IgM Rapid Screeting Test

Code: MST417361
Name: FSH Menopause Test(human Follicular Stimulating Hormone)

Code: MST417360
Name: LH Ovulation Test (Luteinizing Hormone)

Code: MST41772
Name: HCG Pregnancy Test

Code: MST41671
Name: One Step Chlam (Chlamydia) Tests

Code: MST41670
Name: One-Step Strep A Tests

Code: MST41669
Name: One Step Dengue IgG / IgM Antigen test

Code: MST41668
Name: H. pylori test

Code: MST41567
Name: PSA Serum Strip

Code: MST41566
Name: AFP Serum Strip

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