Blood Glucose Meter G-I



Blood Glucose Meter G-I


Precautions for use

Only use Glusensor Test Strip.
Handle the test meter crefully.Do not drop or add strong force to the test meter cause malfunction.
Never disassemble the test meter.
Do not expose the test meter to excessive humidity,heat or cold.
Always store and use the test meter and test strip in a place that has a temperature between 10-40℃ and humidity of 20~80%(RH).
Be sure to keep the test meter's strip inlet clean.
Do not expose the test meter and test strip to dust and dirt.When not in using,always store in a safe place.
Before using the test strip,read the instruction carefully.Follow all of the instruction for safe and accurate operation.

Checking the Test Meter

Each time you turn the meter on,all segments of the display will appear briefly.This tells you that the system is performing several self-checks and dallows you to confirm that all segments of the display are working properly.Then you must code the meter to match the bottle of strip before using it and every time you change to a new bottle of strip you should do it again.Code numbers are used to calibrate the Glusensor meter with the bottle of test strips.Each time you turn the meter on,make sure the code on the display matches the code number printed on the bottle of strips.
To code the meter:
1.Turn the meter on by pushing the button and releasing it.Wait until the meter display reads "rdy"(which means ready)
2.Push the button once and release it.The meter will didsplay the code.
3.Push the button repeatedly until the code on the display matches the code on the test Strip bottles.Stop pushing the button when the right code is displayed.

Checking the Test Strip

Before you open the test strip vial,check the code printed on the vial.Make sure that the code is same as the one your meter reads.
Keep test strips away from direct sunlight and heat.
Do not refrigerate of freeze the strips.
Store your test strips in the original vial only.
After removing a test strip,replace the bottle cap and close tightly.
The cap contains desiccant to keep the strips dry.
Avoid touching the target area of the test strip.
Use each test strip immediately after removing it from the vial.
Use only with capillary blood with these strips.
Do not use the test strips after the expiration date or the discard date.
Do not re-use strips.

Maintenance your Glucose Meter

Keep your meter quiet and dry at the temperature 5℃-40℃,relative humidity≤80%.
Do not drop your meter or take it in wet area.
Keep your meter clean.Clean the meter only with a damp cloth.Do not use alcohol,bleach or strong detergents to wash your meter.
If you keep the meter without frequent use,please open the batteries cover and take the batteries out.Avoid exposing it in extremely temperature or sunlight.

Using the memory of your meter

Your GluSensor meter stores the last 30 results in the meter,you could review them in order from the most recent to the oldest.If the memory is full with 30 glucose test results and an new result is added,the meter deletes the oldest result.
Every time you turn the meter on,it will automatically display your last(most recent)result.


Measuring Range:2.2-27.8mmol/L(40-500mg/dl)
Measuring Time:20seconds
Memory capacitance:30
Power Source:Two replaceable 3-volt batteries(CR2032)
Battery Life:≥1000tests
Life of Test Strips:12months(vial sealed),3months(After vial opened)
Volume of blood:20ml
Net weight:52g

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